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Zhejiang Xinhui International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded by veterans, with a registered capital of 10.68 million yuan. It was approved and issued by Ningbo municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau. It has independently operated maritime international freight forwarder, air international freight forwarder, land international logistics freight forwarder, supply chain management service, domestic freight forwarder, import and export agent, non vessel carrier business, etc. it is a reliable It is a professional international logistics operator with 2000 square meters of goods turnover warehouse. It is committed to becoming a global supply chain management company as its strategic goal and promoting the rapid and comprehensive development of China's logistics service industry. Under the support of advanced logistics IT system, fully integrate domestic and international social resources, bring value-added services to customers and provide comprehensive logistics supply chain solutions. Main business: sea transportation (LCL, full container, bulk carrier, RO ro ship), air transportation, China Europe train, FBA first trip, overseas warehouse, dangerous chemical export, etc. business scope: Southeast Asia, Europe, America Canada line, South America line, Africa line, Australia line, etc.