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Home of goods: international logistics costs for European imports, air freight import process to Chinese airports

2022-08-05 17:26:30268

In the import international logistics, air freight transportation has incomparable efficiency in sea transportation, land transportation and railway transportation. Fast transportation speed, safe and accurate transportation, can simplify packaging and save packaging costs. Air transport is widely used in the transportation of imported goods. Air transport has become an indispensable and important transportation mode in logistics transportation.

European industrial products are developed, and China's trade brands with Europe. Many people like to buy European health products, daily necessities, electrical appliances, milk and milk powder. Whether it is trade import, overseas shopping or cross-border e-commerce import mode, European goods need to be transported to China. Air transport has become a very priority choice. How to calculate the international logistics costs of European imports?

Import international logistics

The modes of air transport mainly include flight transport, charter transport, centralized consignment and air express service.

1. Flight cargo import air transport

Flight transportation refers to the aircraft with fixed departure time, route and terminal. It is usually a mixed passenger and cargo aircraft with small cargo capacity and high freight rate. However, due to the fixed flight period, it is convenient for customers to arrange the delivery of urgently needed goods in advance.

2. Import air transport of charter cargo

Charter transportation refers to that the airlines contract the whole cargo plane from one or several air stations to the designated destination according to the agreed conditions and rates. Charter transportation is suitable for bulk cargo transportation. The rate is lower than the flight, but the delivery time is longer than the flight.

3. Import air transport of centralized consigned goods

Centralized consignment can be carried by flight or charter flight, which means that the air freight agent will collect different single cargoes into a batch and consign them to the airline, fill in a master waybill and send it to the same destination, and then distribute it to each actual consignee or enter and exit the warehouse. This kind of consignment can reduce freight and is one of the main businesses of air freight forwarders.

4. Air express service

Air express small package is the express service provided by the express company and the airline to the individual small package owner. After the express company sends special personnel to pick up the goods from the shipper, the goods will be shipped by the fastest flight to the local airport, and the express company will pick up the goods, and after completing the customs formalities, the goods will be directly delivered to the consignee.

Air freight and logistics costs from Europe to China

Import logistics of air cargo Part 1: expenses from the place of departure to the airport of departure

There are truck or truck transportation fees, cargo handling fees, packaging fees, European export declaration fees, operation fees, etc.

Import logistics of air cargo Part II: air freight and fuel surcharge

Import logistics of air cargo Part 3: airport charges at the port of destination

Bill replacement fee, transportation fee, storage fee, disinfection and sterilization fee, tally fee, etc

There are many overseas cooperative companies and airlines around Europe, which will provide customers with door-to-door bonded warehouse services. According to the customer's requirements, European countries pick up the goods. Just place an order, determine a good price and quote, and a single house of goods can be transported from Europe to China by air, door-to-door into the bonded warehouse, and delivered to customers.

According to the customer's needs and conditions, we will designate Zui excellent and affordable solutions. Cargo house will provide your European importers with door-to-door international import logistics and customs clearance services for European air imports, and one-stop supply chain services for "foreign door-to-door pick-up, import international freight, bonded storage, and domestic logistics delivery".