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Air Export

hejiang Xinhui international logistics has established long-term cooperative relations with Qatar Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, Qantas, Lufthansa, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Nordic airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other international airlines to provide customers with reliable international air transport services and provide delivery, packaging, warehousing, customs declaration Booking, delivery, insurance and other one-stop services.

Air export operation process

1. Power of attorney

The client submits the power of attorney to our company. The power of attorney includes the following contents: shipper and consignee information, name of airport of departure and destination, box type, product name, gross weight, volume, shipment date, etc.

2. Review documents

The documents shall include: power of attorney for customs declaration, customs declaration form, invoice, packing list, contract, declaration elements, chemical products, air transport identification certificate, etc.

3. Booking

After receiving the letter of authorization, our company will book the cabin from the airline, which will arrange the cabin and flight according to the actual situation. When booking, the best route can be selected according to the requirements of the shipper, and the lowest and most reasonable freight rate can be obtained for the shipper.

4. Receiving goods

Self delivery by the client: our company will send the warehousing notice to the client, indicating the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, map and last warehousing time, so that the goods can be timely and accurately warehousing. Door to door pick-up: the client shall provide us with specific pick-up address, contact person, telephone number, pick-up time and other relevant information to ensure that the team can pick up the goods on time.

5. Export declaration

The client shall provide the customs declaration materials to our company, and our company shall declare to the Customs after passing the examination of the customs broker, and release after passing the examination.

6. Expense settlement

The client and our company shall settle the relevant transportation and miscellaneous expenses before the aircraft takes off.