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Our Business

Looking for an international freight company, Are you worried about these problems??

  • Worried about slow logistics and delay?
  • The goods are damaged in transit
  • Transportation information cannot be located in real time?
  • Unstable resources, reducing timeliness?
  • Small business coverage, unable to meet multiple demands?
  • Poor after-sales service?
Why choose us?
  • 100 Business Scope

    Our business covers more than 100 countries and regions in the Middle East, Europe and America

  • 360 Number of customers

    Since its inception, the company has provided services to more than 360 customers

  • 300 Channel resources

    More than 300 channel resources have been accumulated, covering shipping companies, shipping companies and logistics

  • 30+ Professional team

    More than 30 professional teams have completed more than 1000 projects

  • Our Advantages

    Under the support of advanced logistics IT system, fully integrate domestic and international social resources, bring value-added services to customers and provide comprehensive logistics supply chain solutions.

    • Accumulation of channel resources over 10 years

      The resource channels of global shipping companies and shipping companies are stable, and the price channels of first-hand makers are stable, and the time is faster. Business channels cover the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other places

    • Advanced logistics IT system

      External inquiry system, order placing system, goods tracking system, etc; Able to provide professional IT technical support for customers

    • 24 hours service

      Equipped with more than 30 professional service teams and logistics management systems, from pre-sales to after-sales, there are professionals around the world who respond instantly

    • Service diversity

      One stop professional service, customer demand-oriented, from quotation, transportation, booking of shipping space to customs declaration and inspection, customized, worry free

    About us More

    Zhejiang Xinhui International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded by veterans, with a registered capital of 10.68 million yuan. It was approved and issued by Ningbo municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau. It has independently operated maritime international freight forwarder, air international freight forwarder, land international logistics freight forwarder, supply chain management service, domestic freight forwarder, import and export agent, non vessel carrier business, etc. it is a reliable It is a professional international logistics operator with 2000 square meters of goods turnover warehouse. It is committed to becoming a global supply chain management company as its strategic goal and promoting the rapid and comprehensive development of China's logistics service industry. Under the support of advanced logistics IT system....

    • International express service

      Customer demand oriented, from quotation, transportation, booking of shipping space to customs declaration and inspection, customized, worry free, 24-hour online to solve your problems

    • Third party logistics service

      "One stop" comprehensive transportation services, including transportation and distribution services, warehousing services, value-added services, information services, overall planning and design;

    • Best solution

      We will provide you with the most convenient and effective solution according to your actual situation.

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